Cosmetic Dermatology

Polaris Laser

What is the Polaris laser? This laser is all about substance, not surface. The Polaris combines a type of laser light with radio frequency waves to reach the deeper layers of skin, where the collagen lives. Over time, as well as sun exposure and other environmental factors (like pollution), your skin starts losing its collagen and gets thinner. The result is looseness and wrinkles. With this unique combination of laser and radio waves, the Polaris heats the collagen in your skin to make it firmer and stimulate new collagen growth deep beneath the surface of the skin. While resurfacing (‘ablative’) lasers burn through the surface in order to reach the underlying collagen layers, they also cause oozing, blistering, and scabbing that can take months to heal. These days most of my patients can’t afford that kind of recovery time, which is why the Polaris is so popular.