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Cosmetic Dermatology.

I started treating patients with injectables in 1996, and at that time, I was one of very few doctors in L.A. using Botox. I’m proud to be a pioneering leader in the field, and I’m proud of my 20-plus years of experience with injectables and other cosmetic treatments.

I tell my patients that it’s important that they look like themselves. No matter the treatment, I respect your features and I’m here to enhance them.  There’s no better compliment than being called a “natural beauty” – and I strive to make all of my patients look their natural best.

When patients come in for their visit, I ask them:

"How can I help you?"

I tell my patients that they need to make themselves a priority in their everyday lives, and they should never feel guilty about wanting to look their best.
— Dr. Jessica Wu
I ask my patients to bring in their skincare products to their first visit. I can check ingredients and go over usage, to make sure you are using the best routine for your skin.
— Dr. Jessica Wu

Clinical Dermatology.

The beauty of your skin is that it has remarkable regenerative and reparative abilities. We can always work together to improve it.  Dr. Wu can help you with these medical skin concerns and others:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Rosacea
  • Full body skin examination/skin cancer monitoring. Dr. Wu strongly recommends that her patients receive a thorough, head-to-toe skin examination yearly (more frequently if you have a strong personal or family history of skin cancer or many previous sunburns)
  • Sun damage and discoloration
  • Moles and growths
  • Skin rashes
  • Scars
  • Skin infections
  • Conditions of skin, hair, and nails

Sun damage is a souvenir of many happy summers! Don’t be too hard on yourself for enjoying life (but be sure to come in for your skin checks).
— Dr. Jessica Wu
Our skin changes as time goes by and new issues can develop. You’re not growing old. You’re growing up!
— Dr. Jessica Wu