Anti-Aging News from Monte Carlo

Bonjour! I’ve just returned from Monte Carlo, where I attended the 16th annual Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress. I try to attend this conference each year because it’s where international scientists present their research findings, and companies from around the world introduce new products and treatments in the field of anti-aging. I’ve often learned about new techniques, lasers, and skincare ingredients several years before they are available in the U.S.

One procedure that I am looking forward to offering my patients is “Skin Boosting,” which restores hydration, plumpness, and radiance.  I like to think of it as airbrushing with a needle. Many treatments focus on collagen, but did you know that at age 70, skin has only 2% of the hyaluronic acid that it did at age 20? This is why our skin tends to look more dry and dull over time. Skin Boosters are very soft, smooth gels that are injected in microdroplets to replenish hyaluronic acid. The result: a smoother, more luminous complexion. Unlike traditional fillers, they don’t add volume, so thin-skinned areas can be treated without visible lumps. This means I’ll be able to treat crinkly skin around the eyes, horizontal neck lines, and crepiness on the décolletage.



With some of the goodies I picked up in Monte Carlo

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